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Launchy Birds is a smart, fun, and wildly competitive team building activity; it uses “construct & destruct” game mechanics to bring your people together… fast.

Our team is a little obsessed with team building, and so we created our dream activity. Your event includes natural icebreakers, warm-up games and the main Launchy Birds competition itself. Using some pretty bizarre materials, small groups will compete to build the largest, most impressive and durable castle. Then, those same groups will compete again to see who can cause the most mayhem and destruction by launching birdies from across the room. Launchy Birds is unlike any other game or competition in the market, and we guarantee your team will love it.

Group of adults doing a team building activity together

Example Event Itinerary

We have a strong format for team building activities that guests rave about, plus some options and add-ons so you can make the event a perfect fit for your group. Here is a sample event itinerary for Launchy Birds:

Warm Up Games & Icebreakers15 minutes
Launchy Birds™60 minutes
Judging & Prizes10 minutes
Cool Down & Wrap Up5 minutes
Total90 minutes

Options & Add-ons

Every Launchy Birds event includes the essentials for a successful team building competition: your facilitator, game materials, and prizes. This standard package is all you need to have a blast.

You can also add options and upgrades for your event.

🌮 CateringIncludes meat, vegetarian and allergy-friendly options.
🧀 Snack PlatesLighter food-fare like veggie platters and pecorino cheese.
🍪 Cookie MonsterOur staff will show up with an absurd quantity of cookies.
🍷 BYOBBeer, wine, cocktails or sparkly water. Drink until you are merry.
🐣 Home Sweet NestWe decorate your space to match the quirkiness of the event.
📸 Pro PhotosA professional photographer will take photos of your event.
🎁 Gift BagsFun bags For each guest full of cool surprise gifts.
🏆 B.Rights TrophyA cool custom trophy that doubles as bragging rights and a fancy paperweight.
🕒 Extra TimeExtend your Launchy Birds by one hour, or two; we can entertain you as long as you want.

More Details

You can host your competition nearly anywhere. At your office, in an event hall, on a bus, at one of our official Launchy Birds venues, or wherever you plan to congregate.

We can provide MOST of your event. Our main thing is entertainment, and we can also provide the venue, catering, gifts for guests and everything else you need to make your event successful. BYOB optional.

It works for groups of all sizes. Have a team of 30? Rad. Have a team of 300? 10 times as rad. We can accommodate your entire staff.

Our prices are reasonable. Not cheap, because then our business would fail, but reasonable. We will probably fit in your budget.

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